O Principezinho explicado às crianças
Ilustração e design de capa para a editora portuguesa Verso de Kapa.

The Little Prince explained to children
Illustration and cover design for the Portuguese publisher Verso de Kapa.
Briefing: Design and lustration for the cover that shows the atmospher of the Little Prince, but without being too stuck to the original. It can not have the little prince, nor rose, but must have asteroids, blue sky with stars, moon ... 
The cover must have two flaps. The cover flap should be a detachable bookmark.

Design, illustration and artwork by rita duque
Capa original e capa final
Original cover and final cover
Capa e badana da capa
Cover and flap cover
Back cover
Badana e marcador destacável
Flap and detachable bookmark
Capa aberta
Open cover

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